…tell you about that time when I bought hair dyes.

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of mermaid/unicorn hair.


A few years back, I have dyed my hair red with a box dye not knowing I could do this without adding more damage to my bleached angry hair.


Jumping to 2015, I have stumbled upon an online shop selling vegan/semi-permanent dyes. “Hmmm…”, I thought to myself. Maybe I could dye my hair again. But, what’s the deal with these dyes. Well…

  1. No added damage to hair
  2. Semi-Permanent (this I wasn’t happy about, I wanted my colors to last forever! Heehee)
  3. No harmful ingredients
  4. (Do some more reading on the net. Let’s get back to the point.)

I was very enthused with the whole vegan, semi-permanent hair dye fad. So, I took the plunge and bought Sparks Purple Passion from this store.

And it turned out pretty good being diluted with a lot of conditioner. The photo below shows my hair after 2 washes with me deliberately wanting the color to fade because I wanted pastel purple not straight on purple hence the diluting.


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Sooo.. being the cheap me, I went and bought 3 more colors (Red Hot, Electric Blue, Sunburst Yellow) so I can customize my hair color and save lots of money rather than buy 1 tube that only offers one color. I has now been 4 weeks of having purple hair and I’m itching to change it already, but I’m waiting for the purple to fade completely.

Making rainbows 🎨🌈

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